Check your UTR

We often get asked how to check your UTR number online. So we built this tool to help you.

Your UTR is your unique taxpayer reference and is a ten digit code that HMRC use to identify you.

You'll get a UTR when you register for self assessment. Sometimes HMRC or others may refer to it as a tax reference or a personal tax reference. Don't confuse it with your national insurance number (also called an NI number or NINO), which is a mix of letters and numbers.

Your UTR is a very important reference - it can be used to make filings to HMRC on your behalf. You will be able to find it in your HMRC personal tax account - and if you're an untied user, it will be in your profile screen.

UTR tips

In some places, you may see the letter K after the UTR. This does not form part of your UTR but is used by HMRC for some payment references. If you use untied to pay HMRC, then you don't need to worry about this as your UTR and payment reference will automatically be populated. If your UTR looks like it's 13 digits long, then only include the last ten digits.

Check my UTR number online

This check will tell you if your number is in the right format. And if you like it or have any questions ... let us know. If you're thinking about a next job why not also check out our take home pay calculators?