Check your HMRC UTR number

Are you wondering "how do I check my Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number online?" Good news - untied's tool can help you. 

To use the UTR check, enter your number below and we'll tell you if it's a valid format. And read on for tips on how to find your UTR number if you've lost it.

Check your UTR

What's a UTR? Find out about your UTR number

Your UTR is your unique taxpayer reference. Your UTR is a ten digit code that HMRC uses to identify you. You will need it to file your tax return.

You'll get a UTR from HMRC when you register for self assessment. untied can help you register with HMRC.

Sometimes HMRC or others may refer to it as a tax reference or a personal tax reference. Don't confuse it with your national insurance number (also called an NI number or NINO), which is a mix of letters and numbers.

Your UTR is a very important reference - it can be used to make filings to HMRC on your behalf. So don't share your UTR with anyone you do not intend to be representing you to HMRC. While some earning platforms request a UTR, we encourage them to find other ways to show that you are self-employed - it's a bit like sharing your debit card number to prove you have a bank account. If you use untied we can confirm that you file tax returns with us.

You will be able to find it in your HMRC personal tax account - and if you're an untied user, it will be in your profile screen.

Check my UTR number online

This check will tell you if your number is in the right format. If this was useful or you have any questions ... let us know.

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Lost your UTR? How to find your UTR?

If you're still asking yourself "how do I find my UTR?", some more suggestions:
  • The first place to find your UTR is on documents that HMRC have sent to you
  • Take a look for it on previous tax returns you have filed
  • If you have an HMRC login (also known as a government gateway login), you can find your Unique Taxpayer Reference number in your personal tax account.

Remember, your UTR is not the same as your NI number.


Telescope and ladder

Once you have your UTR, you can submit your self assessment tax return to HMRC.

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UTR tips

UTR tips

In some places, you may see the letter "K" after the UTR. This does not form part of your UTR but is used by HMRC for some payment references.

You can use untied to pay HMRC. We make it simple, quick and easy because your UTR and payment reference will automatically be populated in the untied app.

If your UTR looks like it's 13 digits long, then only include the last ten digits.

Don't have a UTR?

If you don't already have a UTR, untied can help get one by registering you with HMRC. We've made it easy to register in just a few simple steps - whether you're self employed, renting out property, a high-earner, or just need a UTR for anything else.

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untied is the UK's personal tax app. We help people save money, time, and effort on their taxes.

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