Working with other businesses is about doing more for our users – whether that means extra services, or helping more people use untied.

Some of our partnerships are with names everyone knows – Deliveroo and Revolut.

But others are with businesses that are just as significant but which may not have a consumer profile. This is where Fractal sits.

Fractal and untied logos

We’ve known each other for two years – a large bank introduced us in 2018. And our mutual work with Deloitte (which is an investor in Fractal) led to joint development in 2019 to integrate untied in the app that Fractal is building for Deloitte’s Propel service.

What Fractal does is unusual. They start with integrations through APIs (basically the plumbing of financial technology) then power apps and services on top of that for third party brands. As their partner, we’ve seen their powerful tools being developed to help businesses with managing your invoices and cash – which is really important especially at the moment.

As well as Deloitte, their clients include challenger banks and established players.

Fractal’s customers wanted tax. And that’s where untied comes in, leading to tax embedded in the apps that Fractal builds for banks. It’s particularly relevant for the people that find taxes the hardest – which means 4.4m self employed. If we can reduce admin, and reduce some of the mistakes that people make, we can help everyone focus on helping grow their own businesses.

Here are some of the things we’re working on.

Screenshots showing control

To bring this together, we’ve carried out extensive research and have created a joint initiative called SMART (SMEs Manage Accounts Receivables and Tax). It won’t change the untied app that you love, but will allow us to bring you new features quickly.

And to do this quicker, we’ve submitted a joint application to the Banking Competition Remedies Capability and Innovation Fund. This exists to help the commercialisation of technology that’s helpful to SMEs – exactly what we and Fractal offer. A successful process will enable us to do what matters – to do much more to help you, the user.

For everyone – untied, Fractal and you, it’s a partnership that’s very exciting.