This is a short post. But an important and personal one. We’re hiring and want people who get stuff done. Developers, designers, comms, product and tax specialists. Ambitious, curious people who want challenge.

We work together, respect and support each other. But who cares if we all look the same?

When I started as an accountant, there weren’t even any women partners in the “Big” firm. I worked for the person who would become the first. And spent four years led by the first openly gay partner, who made a point of hiring people from diverse backgrounds. Someone who didn’t discriminate, and emphasised opportunity.

Now, Big firms often excel at diversity outreach.

But when I go to startup and founder events, we’re white and male. And untied is not any better.

So we want to be clear. In applying for untied, this should be about what you know, not who you know, or what you look like. Whether you’re joining us for the long term, or want to have experience before setting out on your own, regardless of your gender, sexuality, skin colour, or disability, you are untied.

We use gender neutral language in all our documents, and when we saw the requirement for “professional” attire in a draft employment policy – we removed it.

If you’ve got questions then please reach out.


(Help us! We have actively engaged on this issue including through and Future Banking. But we still find it hard to know where to advertise our roles in a way that says “we are especially keen that you see these opportunities”. If there are sites our jobs should be on, let us know.)

Not everyone likes this. See what they say at Glassdoor.