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Get untied

untied is built first for mobile.

There are two untied products:

  • untied’s full app which links to bank accounts, logs mileage and supports property and investment income as well as other features
  • untied for gig workers which is suitable for very simple returns including self employment (and up to one employment)

Both of them enable you to submit your tax returns straight to HMRC from untied.

untied’s full app

You can download untied’s full app by clicking on the links below.

Having signed up on your phone you will also be able to get access to our service that lets you use untied in a browser. We’ve built it to help you view and tag transactions and your journeys in bulk, and see returns that you have submitted. And of course it syncs with the data in your mobile apps (you may need to drag down to refresh).

To log into the browser based companion, click here. You’ll need to use the same email account that you use on your mobile app, then click “Get started” and you’ll receive a magic link to click on (just like in the mobile app).

untied for gig workers

untied for gig workers does what it suggests. It’s great for self employed workers with very simple tax return needs. You can manually enter the income you earned from different sources, expenses and mileage. It also supports one employment.

As with the main app, this lets you submit your returns straight from untied.

Sign up or log in to untied for gig workers.