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Know your key dates throughout the tax year

Jan 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

There are a few key dates to keep in mind for submitting personal tax returns.

The early users of our app will find that untied keeps on top of the deadlines for them, and by signing up to the waitlist you’ll be able to join them in 2019.

But for this tax year, here are a few key dates:

Tax year 2017-18 runs from 6 April 2017 to 5 April 2018

Cut-off if you want to have HMRC collect tax due via PAYE or your pension – 30 December 2018.

Tax return submission deadline (online) – 31 January 2019 at midnight. You’ll need to ensure you’re registered for self-assessment and have your Government Gateway or other login to hand well ahead of this. It can take several weeks for login details to come through – so if you’re not sure you may want to request a reminder soon.

Deadline for paying tax due – 31 January 2019. However, don’t delay submitting a return just because you can’t pay the tax! File it, and then pay … you may have to pay some interest, but you’ll save yourself a £100 fine. Note bigger penalties kick in if you’re 30 days late (5% of the tax). But if you are struggling to pay, don’t ignore it but contact HMRC to see if they can agree to a payment plan.