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All your financial data
in one place

Revolut and untied

Securely connect your Revolut account as well as other banks, credit cards and tax accounts. Upload or add data manually.

Request payments and send invoices, so you can stay in control of what you’re owed.

Revolut and untied

Stay on top of your taxes
and save more

You deliver

See real-time updates and insights on your tax position. Log your mileage automatically, however you travel.

untied claims the reliefs you’re entitled to and helps you follow the rules to save tax wisely.

You deliver

Automatically handles
your tax return

Handle tax return

We help you follow the rules and submit your data in a way that makes sense to you. No complicated forms. No fiddly calculations. We take care of that.

You can even use untied to pay HMRC.

Handle tax return

Supports all your income sources

Get paid with untied

Use untied however you earn.If you're a self-employed entrepreneur, run a hobby business, or do a side-hustle...if you receive salary from your employer, or have income from renting property, or from investments - it can all be managed in untied.

untied can also help you get paid! With secure open banking technology, you can request payments from anyone without sharing any bank details. 

Get paid with untied

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Revolut customers save 40%!

30 day free trial included


If you don’t have a Revolut account yet, here’s something to get your teeth into … Revolut have a special offer for untied users here.

It’s as simple as that.

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