SA302 references

SA302 imageThis page is for lenders, landlords and others who are seeking references.

The SA302 is a record of someone's tax submissions made directly with HMRC's own website. Effectively it's the result of filling in the HMRC multi-page tax return form.

If someone uses third party software such as untied, then there is no formal SA302. Instead of a form, information is submitted as data. untied provides our users with a copy of that data together with HMRC's IRMark confirmation of receipt. This is the equivalent of the SA302. It is accepted by many third parties directly.

You can see an official list here of the lenders who accept an SA302 or tax calculation printed from commercial software like untied. 

On request if needed by someone seeking a reference we are able to provide a digitally signed version of this that confirms the data is as submitted.