SEISS information for Deliveroo riders

What is SEISS

What is SEISS?

SEISS – also known as the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme – is the programme set up by the government to help self-employed workers who have seen their income fall during the Covid-19 pandemic. Support has been offered to self-employed workers, like Deliveroo riders, who have seen their income affected by Covid.

The Government announced that the scheme would be extended through to September 2021.

Who can claim for SEISS?

If you’re a Deliveroo rider and your income has fallen during the coronavirus pandemic, you may be able to apply for SEISS. The scheme has been running since March and there have been two phases of applications for support, with the third phase just opening now.

From Phase 4 Deliveroo riders were mainly self-employed between April 2019 and April 2020 will be able to access the support.

You do not need to have taken SEISS support in an earlier phase to receive support going forward.

What do I need to claim for SEISS?

You will need your Unique Taxpayer Reference, and National Insurance Number to apply for the support. If you need them, you can find the information in your untied account if you have one.

More information…

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to the support scheme, we urge you to contact HMRC directly – they will be able to support you.

Our main SEISS pages are here.

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