Self Employment Income Support Scheme - Phase 2 now open - untied

Self Employment Income Support Scheme – Phase 2 now open

If you are self employed, HMRC you may be eligible for the Covid Self Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS).

This has been extended to allow a further application in August which is now open, and which will close on 19 October. You don’t need to have applied in the first phase to get help in the second.

It means that in total someone could get £14,000 of SEISS help.

SEISS made easy – what you need to do

You will need your Unique Taxpayer Reference, and National Insurance Number to access it.

  1. If you need them, you can find your UTR and NINO reference numbers in your untied account
  2. Access the SEISS scheme at
  3. More about the SEISS scheme at

If you believe that you are eligible for the SEISS support, but the check suggests that you are not, then we urge you to follow up with HMRC. It won’t work for everyone though – we know people lost out because of the SEISS conditions, and have written to HMRC on behalf of the untied community to share our concerns.