The SMART initiative

untied works with exciting forward-thinking partners to do more for our users, combining tax and their own innovative features.

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A key partner is tomato pay, a technology business fundamentally changing the way SMEs access financial services, with Deloitte as an investor.

Together, we are today announcing a unified revenue collection and tax filing initiative called SMART (SMEs Manage Accounts Receivables and Tax) focused on helping SMEs to manage the most important areas of their working capital – revenue, costs and cash.

Working capital is the lifeblood of any business, and nowhere is this more important than for the 4.4 million sole traders in the UK. Sole traders represent a fast-growing segment of the population and are expected to constitute a third of the UK’s workforce by 2025.

The SMART initiative has been designed to directly address the existing pain points sole traders face, based on our first-hand experience working both directly with thousands of SMEs and with global customers who have SME clients. As such, SMART is composed of three propositions which combine to alleviate SMEs’ working capital problems:

– Revenue collection and management
– Tax liabilities and cost management
– Working capital and cash management

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed how vulnerable sole traders are to shocks in their working capital cycle, and the need for a technological tool that alleviates their pain.

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For more on SMART, enter your details below and visit our partners at tomato pay.