Missed the self-assessment deadline? How do you deal with that?

Missed The Self Assessment Deadline

The UK’s personal tax app

Connect your bank accounts, tag income and expenses and submit your tax return. No complex rules, no fiddly calculations and no complicated forms – just your tax return sorted in as little as 2 hours, all from your mobile.

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How it works

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Our plans

untied is recognised by HMRC and secured with bank-level encryption. Prices include VAT and subscriptions are billed via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

At the moment, all users get upgraded to the Essential plan free for 3 months!


Tag and export
  • Connect up to 3 bank accounts

  • Manual income & expense tagging

  • Up to 2 income streams *

  • Real-time tax estimation

  • Export to PDF



£ 11.99/month
  • Free for first 3 months!
  • Everything in ‘Starter’
  • Unlimited bank accounts
  • Intelligent tagging
  • All supported income streams *
  • Journey logging
  • Tax optimisation
  • Submit tax return to HMRC
  • Priority support


Coming soon
£ 25/month
  • Everything in ‘Essential’
  • Much more coming soon

* Supported income streams: Self-employment income < £85k; Property income < £85k; PAYE salary income; Dividend Income; Bank interest

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