With less than a week to go til Demo Day at our Techstars incubator with Barclays in Tel Aviv, here’s an update of what’s been going on for untied recently.

Demo Day – 26 June

We’re expecting over 300 people to join us on demo day on 26 June in an amazing Tel Aviv venue. Getting to know other businesses in the programme is one of the benefits, and as part of our preparation, we’ve paired up with Ali from Fostrum, a talented team from Vancouver who have an exciting approach to lending to digital businesses. Ali’s been great to work with, it’s fun listening to and improving each other’s scripts, and he’s also patiently video’d some of our pitches to date.

We’ve also had a couple of outstanding training sessions with Lior Shoham, who has a real skill for language and delivery. And we’re looking forward to some great animation from Matan Kidrony!

Investor commitment

Word’s got out and we’ve been approached by several seed investors looking to be part of untied. Some found out about us from Techstars, others through the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab, and others from our network.

So this week was a good time to watch David Cohen’s excellent video on closing investment (including how to get everyone to a decision quickly), an example of how Techstars really helps businesses succeed.

Want to join them? Drop us an email.

Blood pact

A few weeks ago on the bus back from a group outing, the cofounders suggested a way to stay connected, contributing a 1% share in each company to a collective pool. And over the weekend I spoke to a Techstars business in Boston that set up something similar with their cohort (thanks Brendan, and Ramzy for the connection).

We want to make it happen, and we’ll report more in a later update.

How we write about untied

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to read about tax every day. And that’s really the point of untied – you need to be an expert in yourself, not an expert in taxes. So our Medium publication covers other things that come to mind. It’s a bit broader and more of a personal set of thoughts than this blog.

A lot of the posts are about how we work. And sometimes we go wider. For World Environment Day we’ve republished an article Kevin first wrote on LinkedIn on how we take environmental responsibility in shared offices. It piqued interest and led to an interview with the Times in their Raconteur feature on the office of the future. It’s a message to do more.

This really matters to us, and extended to the Barclays and Techstars community on a recent trip to the Carmel forest as we all contributed to removing some of the rubbish abandoned on the hillside. From the time we’ve spent by the sea in Tel Aviv we’re witnessing how plastic and other waste gets into the wider ecosystem, and how we can do something about it.

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