It's 28 February, the COVID-extended deadline for filing a self-assessment tax return without penalty.

Don't get a penalty and make sure you hit the deadline with this simple advice from untied, using the untied app.

(Note that this is advice for last minute filers and you’ll probably need to do an amendment after February. If you still have time, it’s better to use untied to connect bank accounts and get it right first go! And note that you will need your ten digit Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), sometimes referred to as just Taxpayer Reference.)

Use untied lite if you know your totals

Use untied Pro if you don't know your totals and your records are in your bank account

Three things you might not know:

1. You can include provisional numbers (indicate that you have done so in the final part of filing). If you need to correct anything after February, remember to use untied to amend your return

2. You have until 1 April to pay HMRC without penalty (there may be a small amount of interest)

3. If you’ve lost/ forgotten/ don’t know your HMRC or Gateway login, we can still help so long as you know your UTR (unique taxpayer reference – it’s ten digits long and will be on a previous tax return). You’ll need to email a scan of your passport/driving licence and some proof of address to So we can process it, this needs to be done by 9pm on 28 February!


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