There are just 31 days left of 2020!

However you’re celebrating, we’re wishing you all the best ahead of the festive period!

Did you know that around 12,000 of us submit our tax returns on Christmas Day and Boxing Day each year – with 248 people submitting their returns before 8am on Christmas morning. With untied, you can submit your tax return at any time and in a fraction of the time of a manual submit – allowing you to enjoy your Christmas stress-free!

This has been yet another busy month for untied ahead of the January tax deadline.

Key dates ⏳

Open now – phase 3 of the Government Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) is open up to 29 January (more information below)

31 January – tax filing deadline day – 61 days to go!

As you tag transactions or prepare your return, untied updates your tax calculation, so you know what you’re likely to owe.

New untied features, tips and news

The most recent version of untied pro is 1.05.048. Make sure you’re up to date. You will find the version number at the top of the More screen. If your phone isn’t set to update automatically visit the App Store or Google Play to check if an update is available.

Getting help with a transaction

Need help with a transaction? Not sure what you can claim?

If you need help on a specific transaction you see in untied simply tap it and select ‘Ask untied’. Watch a video.

You may also be interested in our guide to what you can claim if you are self-employed.

🇬🇧 Phase 3 of SEISS is now open

The government has opened Phase 3 of SEISS, the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme. We’ve put links to apply here.

🔭 Watch out for HMRC scams

Unfortunately scams are at an all-time high in the months leading up to the self-assessment deadline – be careful not to be caught out by email, text or phone scams. Sadly lots of people are getting fake texts claiming to be HMRC.

We have also listed the real HMRC numbers on our help system if you need to contact them.

📆 Getting your returns in early

It’s good to get your returns in as early as you possibly can, and enjoy the glow of being all sorted. Let us know stories of what you do to make this happen!

🕺🏼Referring your friends!

A reminder that you can earn £10 for everyone you introduce to an untied Pro monthly subscription, and £25 for everyone who signs up to an untied Pro annual plan. And whatever you earn, your friend gets as well.

See how you can earn.

You’ll also find your referral link in untied online under your profile icon, in untied lite in the subscriptions page, and in the mobile apps by going to “More”.

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