Limited confidence amongst accountants that MTD ITSA will be a success

April 20, 2022

The latest figures in the MTD for Income Tax Confidence Tracker* from untied, the UK’s personal tax app, reveal that there is currently limited amount of confidence amongst accountants that the Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self-Assessment (MTS ITSA) changes, due to come into force in 2024, will be a success.

Over a third (36%) are not at all or slightly confident, followed by the same number again (36%) who are only ‘somewhat confident’. Less than three in ten (27.5%) are very or extremely confident. It seems that professionals in the west midlands are most pessimistic (38.46% in this region say they are not at all confident) compared with 6.25% in the east of England. The east of England also has the most positive accountants – one in two (50%) say they are either very or extremely confident that MTD ITSA will be a success when it launches.

Kevin Sefton, CEO, untied commented: “We’ve worked closely with the accountant community to find out what they need from software to support them on the run up to and then beyond the launch of Making Tax Digital for Income Tax self-assessment. We use this to guide the untied Early Adopter Programme for advisers to give them practical and real experience in MTD for Income Tax. We are just in a new tax year, and look forward to working with HMRC, accountants and other agents, as pilot participation increases.”


* Research conducted by FindOutNow, w/c 22 November, updated w/c 14 March 2022.

How confident are you that Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self-Assessment (MTD ITSA) will be a success? (Accountants)

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