Last year, HMRC reported that 3,003 people completed and filed their tax return on Christmas Day!

untied also saw a spike of activity over the Christmas holidays. Our users were most active on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day – hopefully enjoying a good lunch on Christmas Day! We saw people mostly doing their taxes between 11am and 1pm over the holiday season, with an afternoon spike straight after lunch.

Christmas is often seen as the start of the tax season. There were more Google searches for “tax returns” on 27 December 2019 than any other day in the previous six months.

You probably already know that using untied to file a tax return is quick, simple and easy, but don’t worry, there’s still a little over a month to beat the tax deadline of 31 January 2021 with untied.

Our team at untied would much rather see you making the most of Christmas Day, enjoying time with the family, eating, drinking, playing games, watching the Queen’s speech (and maybe this year, the Queen’s Gambit too).

But … if you prefer to Netflix and fill (in your tax return), we want to let you know that this year, we’ve got you covered.

If you file your tax return using untied on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, we will be happy to refund your subscription for a whole year.

Consider it as our Christmas present to you. Head to our home page to sign up.

But really, do something else.

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