(We first wrote this article in 2022, but we're still getting questions for 2021-22 so are bringing it up to date)

untied believes that managing your taxes should be smooth, whether you do things in untied or HMRC. So we're on your side if things are confusing. 

We've recently been getting a lot of people asking us why the tax return they filed isn't showing in their HMRC  personal tax account.

This post looks at the design of the personal tax account, and that it's not obvious that you've filed. It also hopefully gives you reassurance that all is okay, whether you've filed using untied or in other ways.

When you log into your personal tax account (there's a link below), you see a box marked Self Assessment. Even if you have already filed a tax return it may still say "Complete your tax return".


Ignore this. Instead click on either the top box marked "Self Assessment. View and manage your Self Assessment tax return" or the line marked "Complete your tax return". You'll then see what's really going on.


If all is good you'll then see something that tells you that your return has been submitted.


You can log into your personal tax account here.

If your tax return still doesn't show, then get in touch.

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