untied is based out of the Barclays Rise building in Shoreditch. It’s always an opportunity to meet others, and the events space often hosts external organisations.

This week was a major highlight. Stemettes encourages girls and young women to pursue careers in science and technology. And on Wednesday and Thursday they held a hackathon in Rise combining fintech and environment. They let me sneak in!

The energy in the room was amazing, and so were the apps that these diverse girls, young women (and a couple of brothers) built. Highlighting the important issues – like the global warming crisis, plastic suffocation of marine life, and scarce resources. And what we can do about them. Recycling, sharing items, and travelling more responsibly. Earning pocket money by doing chores around the home (especially environmentally positive ones), and special accounts where the interest goes to environmental causes.

The demo day was impressive, and I saw fresh ideas like shaking to return to the home page and even origami logos! Lots to learn and an exciting future if all children are as energised and energising as this group!

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