Have you been using other accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks or Sage, or even FreeAgent or Kashflow? Do you need something simpler to track your income and expenses? Want software that is designed around you, that helps you get your taxes sorted as quickly, and as simply as possible—all in one place?

If the answer is "Yes" to any or all of these questions, great! You're in the right place. Switching to untied is easy, and we're going to explain why we are different and why you should switch to untied?


Switching to untied is easy

We like to make sure you get the right product for you. We don't always recommend ourselves as the right alternative for everyone.

If you export from your existing cloud accounting software, just drop us a line and we can help you get your data into untied.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial of untied here.


Why should I switch from my existing accounting software?

We found that most people don't want to think about double entry, ledgers, reconciliations and journal entries. They don't want to think about terminology and meanings.

At untied, we use words you'll understand and keep things focused on "money in" and "money out". 


We keep it simple

We keep the tagging really tight and simple - if you're self-employed and you have an expense, then it's a "business expense".

You'll especially love untied if you're putting business things through a personal account ... you can leave all the personal stuff untagged or just mark as "personal".


We support other forms of tax-related income

untied is built around you. While we have tools such as invoicing and free payments requests (no card required), we also know that you aren't just your business, so we support your other tax-related income like salary, interest, dividends and investments.


We listen to you and make improvements quickly

And above all, because we're a smaller company all based in the UK, we are always on hand to help with five-star support.

We prefer to see untied users as a community and we listen to suggestions and ideas - some people have given us feedback and we've made changes the same day to help others like you.


How do I switch to untied?

Just drop us a line. We can help you with any questions, and get your existing data into untied.

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