Commenting on today’s publication of a series of tax documents and consultations by the government, Kevin Sefton from untied said:

“We welcome the calls for evidence around modernising the UK tax administration.  Amongst other topics, the consultations concern better use of digital services, more timely tax payments, joining up tax with financial transactions and how legislation underpinning administration of the tax system could be updated to provide a better experience for taxpayers.

“The consultations range from how the system operates to how we pay our tax. The UK tax system is complex.  Many other countries look to the UK as a model of tax administration, and today’s announcements build on the ten year strategy unveiled last year.  Our users tell us they want taxes to be fast, fair and simple.

“We will see HMRC placing more emphasis on technology and data, exchanged through APIs. Some of this will be direct, others using trusted intermediaries such as untied. This will be important as well to taxpayers who want to be confident that their privacy and civil liberties are protected.

“untied has always been at the forefront of tax simplification. We think people should be spending time following their dreams and not filing their taxes and this is one step closer to achieving that vision. As a leader in this area, untied will be contributing to these consultations and working closely with HMRC to ensure that any changes are introduced as smoothly and effectively as possible with clear benefits for taxpayers as well as the tax authority.”

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