untied's thoughts on the news that HMRC is expanding the criteria for

joining its MTD ITSA scheme


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Kevin Sefton comments on the news that the criteria for joining HMRC’s Making Tax Digital for income tax self-assessment scheme will be expanded, allowing more taxpayers to potentially participate

"untied has been live with Making Tax Digital for Income Tax for 18 months. One of the key bottlenecks has been that HMRC has not been able to support the users we wanted and needed to test. We hope that the opening up of eligibility will allow this to happen.

"The wider participation will also help agents bring clients into MTD for Income Tax and get hands-on experience for themselves. We support this with untied's live MTD for Income Tax Early Adopter Programme which includes content, briefings and of course use of the untied software. There is deliberately no long term commitment as we know that many practices will want to try before deciding what they'll use longer term. But getting going now is vital - with under two years to go, accountants and other advisers are turning to us for support understanding what MTD ITSA will mean for their practice."

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