untied, the UK’s personal tax app is reminding people of the opportunity to pay their tax bill through an adjustment to their tax code, provided they file by 30 December. This method of payment is applied automatically to almost everyone with additional tax to pay under £3,000, and who are also earning through PAYE. It broadly means that those people in employment or with a pension can take advantage.

 However, untied has warned that three million people with employment income could miss out on this simple way to pay, because they’re not aware of the 30 December cut-off, which comes a month before the overall 31 January self-assessment filing deadline.

 Kevin Sefton, CEO of untied said: “Nearly 12 million people need to file a tax return. About half of them will be paying PAYE. If you’re employed and have extra income, being able to pay tax due through your tax code is a really efficient and effective way to pay tax, spreading it across the year. It’s also automatic for those people who qualify. We’d love to see it extended, but for now it’s only available to those people who will already have filed by the end of December, including the 186,000 we expect to be filing during Christmas week. You can file by filling in forms at HMRC, using an accountant, or quickly and easily with untied. However you file, it’s a good reason to get it done by 30 December.”