19 November 2020

untied repeats calls for the Covid SEISS grant to cover the UK’s recent entrepreneurs.

Kevin Sefton, CEO of untied, the UK’s personal tax app, commented: “Whilst Rishi Sunak did confirm more generous terms for the third grant earlier this month, he is still side-lining a significant number of people who work for themselves because they only started trading in 2019.

“Six hundred and fifty thousand people have become self-employed since the cut-off for support in April 2019, over 18 months ago. Many will struggle to make ends meet during the critical Christmas and New Year period.

“Applications for the third phase of SEISS open on 30 November, based on the same criteria as the first two phases. This means that someone needed to be mainly self-employed before April 2019. The Government does not look likely to change criteria for Phase 3.

“By the time the details of the fourth SEISS grant emerge, we are calling for SEISS to cover more of the people that have shown just the entrepreneurial spirit that the UK has been calling for over the years.”

Contact: Kevin Sefton pr@untied.io