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untied gives financial institutions an unprecedented opportunity to know more about their customers and offer tailored financial services that better suit their tax position.

Our tax automation platform sits above the financial/transaction layer.

untied has been built flexibly to and can be adapted to local tax systems.

In the UK, we offer a number of different ways for banks and other partners to leverage our platform and add value to their customer accounts, banking or financial applications:

  • Add your banking/financial feeds to our untied consumer app. We can integrate with your APIs or you can push data into our API.
  • White-labelled solutions can limit connections to your own institution or allow users who have multiple income sources to link their other accounts.
  • Create your own solutions on top of your financial data or banking app using the untied API. Create tax estimates, sync transactions, retrieve tax recommendations, and submit tax returns to HMRC.
  • Add tax planning functionality to your personal book keeping, accounting or financial management app.
  • untied puts your customers in control and allows you to offer tailored financial products such as pensions, investments and loans that provide them with a tax benefit or help them plan for their tax bill.

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