Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment - from 2026 at the earliest

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What is Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment?

You may have heard of Making Tax Digital (generally shortened to MTD). It's a core HMRC project to modernise the systems that manage taxes in the UK.

It's not just HMRC that will be affected - Making Tax Digital or MTD is changing how we all report and pay our taxes.

It is being rolled out by HMRC one tax at a time. VAT was the first to go live.

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment (MTD ITSA) is the next phase of MTD. It hasn't been an easy journey for HMRC, and timelines have been put back - which means that the first group required to follow MTD for Income Tax will be from 2026.

We and our users have been ready - untied has been live and helping people get used to this new way of managing our taxes as part of the HMRC pilot since 2020.

What is MTD?

When it comes, it will be a big change to income tax reporting

MTD places mandatory digital record-keeping requirements on businesses and introduces quarterly reporting requirements.

Instead of one tax return submitted many months after the end of the tax year, MTD involves quarterly reporting during the year, with any final numbers confirmed after the year-end.

How do I prepare for Making Tax Digital?

MTD for income tax starts in 2026 and is being rolled out in phases

If you're self-employed, run a small business, or are a buy-to-let investor, MTD ITSA could affect you. It will start with business or property income of £50,000 or more from 2026. Those with business or property income of £30,000 or more are mandated from 2027. And smaller businesses are "subject to review" - it's so far off and may change that we are not recommending anyone think directly about the MTD for income tax obligations at this stage.

Except ... one thing that HMRC have got right is the benefit of streamlined digital records and integrated filing. You don't need to wait for MTD for this though - untied gives it to you today (but at your pace - no quarterly filings!).

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Will I be able to file my taxes via HMRC?

HMRC has a long-term ambition to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world. Their main goal with MTD ITSA is to make the tax administration more effective, more efficient, and simpler for taxpayers. While software providers like untied have been ready, it has taken longer for HMRC to get their end working.

Accountants and MTD

Can I use untied if I already have an accountant?

Yes, absolutely! Accountants will need to use MTD for income tax recognised software with their clients too. Our adviser portal has been co-designed with accountants, ––specifically with MTD in mind––and we continue to work closely with accountants on our MTD for income tax early adopter programme.

We've created a Making tax Digital guide for accountants.

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How does MTD for income tax affect your accountant?

For accountants, MTD ITSA could mean more work – it will certainly involve more reporting. They'll want to use software like untied, together with their clients, to make things as smooth as possible.

Everything accountants need to know about Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment (MTD ITSA)

Many accountants will have already heard about MTD ITSA, but may be wondering, “What do I need to do for making tax digital?”, or “What will MTD mean for my clients?”

These are some of the questions we hear a lot at untied, so we’re here to give you the full low down in our guide to MTD ITSA for accountants.

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Everything for accountants
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What is the best accounting software for MTD?

We know there can be a few different platforms to choose from, so we’ve put together some top tips and a checklist that bookkeepers and accountants can use when selecting the right solution.

untied has been innovating in this space as the first end-to-end software recognised by HMRC for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax and we’re working with accountants on our MTD early adopter programme.

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Can untied work with my accountant?

Yes, absolutely! Our adviser portal has been co-designed with accountants, specifically with MTD in mind.

We continuously work with accountants on our MTD early adopter programme.

HMRC recognised

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