Getting a new job? See how much you’ll take home

February 26, 2021

Updated to include 3 March Budget announcements.

What matters to you when you’re looking for a new job or getting a promotion? The people? The role? The title? The culture? The hours? Whether there’s a company dog on the about us pages of the website?

All can be important to different people.

Of course you’ll also want to know the salary or pay rise. But that’s not the whole story – what you probably care about more is how much money will be paid into your account every month, after all the taxes have been deducted.

So untied’s here to help. Our calculators let you enter your annual salary to see our estimate of how much income tax and national insurance you’ll pay in the 2020-21 tax year or calculate the amount due for previous years.

Pick the tax calculator for you:

If you live in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

If you live in Scotland