How quickly can you do your tax return with untied?

January 27, 2020

If you’re new to untied you could be submitting your tax return within an hour or two of installing the app.

Of course how long it actually takes will depend on your circumstances and how complicated your finances are. How long you’ve been using untied will make a difference too – some of our early beta users have already done their 2018-19 tax return because they were able to use the app to stay on top of their finances on a regular basis and track their journeys, so by the start of the new financial year were already in a position to submit in a matter of seconds. Next year many more will be in the same position.

However, I’m writing this on the last Monday before tax return deadline day and I’m assuming you are new to untied. You might be wondering if you can download the app now, get all your data in, and have your tax return sent off before Friday. If that’s you, don’t worry there’s time, and lots of people are proving it right now.

In the last few days we’ve seen people install the app, sign up, add a bank account, tag several hundred transactions, and submit their tax return all within a couple of hours.

Knowing that not everyone will be able to start using the app at the start of the financial year we’ve done a lot of work to make it as easy as possible to search through a back-log of transactions and tag things in bulk. We’ve added super fast search and when you tag something the app finds and suggests similar transactions quickly. When you add a bank account you’ll get two years worth of transaction history (15 months in the case of Nationwide) so you should have all the transactions you need to tag for tax purposes.

You’ll find a step by step guide on filing your tax return with untied here.

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