Community chooses untied

December 1, 2020

London, UK – untied, the UK’s personal tax app today announced that it has partnered with Community, one of the UK’s largest trade unions. From today, Community’s self-employed union members will be able to access untied, an innovative personal tax app, that allows users to track, review and submit their tax return digitally.

They can connect their bank accounts, tag their expenses, log mileage automatically, take advantage of in-built optimisation and then submit their tax return, in a fraction of the time that a manual tax return would take.

This partnership is especially relevant to Community members who are self-employed or have an extra income source. It also provides a full and real-time tax calculation which helps users put the correct money aside for when It comes to paying their annual tax bill.

The app is designed to give people control over their taxes and helps advisors focus on where tax advice is most valuable. The partnership will also give Community members access to content produced by untied, to help them navigate the tax system and stay ahead of deadlines.

This is the first union partnership for untied and reflects the changing workplace.

Kevin Sefton, untied CEO said: “We are delighted to be welcoming Community members to untied, giving more people access to the powerful tools to take control of their taxes. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are adapting and finding new ways to make money – which means they may be submitting tax returns for the first time. untied will help them do this effectively and safely, with a fraction of the hassle it would take traditionally.”

Kate Dearden, Head of Research, Policy and External Relations for Community said: “Each year thousands of people become self-employed and with that have the worry of completing their first self-assessment tax return. The team at untied take away that worry, ensuring completing the return is a smooth process. We’re delighted to be able to work with them to get our members extra support.”


About untied: untied is the UK’s personal tax app. It’s built for people, not accountants and is designed especially to help sole traders to get on top of their taxes. untied is the only end to end app that enables users to link their bank accounts, makes tax sense of their transactions and files directly to HMRC. untied launched untied for gig workers in April, the first tax product designed specifically for these workers. untied’s partners include Revolut, Deliveroo, Stuart and Deloitte. untied is regulated by the FCA, supervised by the Chartered Institute of Taxation and recognised by HMRC. Find out more about untied:

About Community:
Community was formed in 2004 when the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation and the Knitwear, Footwear and Apparel Trade Union joined together. These two traditional unions had deep roots and strong regional identities in the UK’s steel, textiles and footwear towns. Community has spent decades protecting workers in the UK, and it is now opening our doors to everyone. So no matter how or where someone works, it can protect their job, their living and their family life.

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