untied user submits UK’s first ever fully mobile tax return

January 29, 2019

Press Release 29th January 2019

UK tax fintech startup untied has announced the submission of the UK’s first ever fully mobile UK personal tax return. The return was filed by a freelancer from Dorset, one of untied’s early users.

It’s good timing, in a week which sees the deadline for nearly 11 million people to submit their tax return. Around half are freelancers and half are on higher salaries.

For all of them, untied can make their tax lives easier. It works by connecting to their bank accounts, bringing in transactions automatically, making tax sense of them, and preparing a tax return that can be submitted straight to HMRC. All within a single mobile app.

“People worry about getting their taxes right, and nearly three quarters of a million miss the deadline. It needn’t be this way. This is just the first return which offers a completely new way to think about tax admin.” said CEO and co-founder Kevin Sefton.

About untied

untied is designed for the 12 million people in the UK who submit a personal tax return.

untied’s app gives people year-round control of their taxes. It finds information from existing bank accounts, sorts it, learns from it and saves tax for the user- all in real time. At the end of the financial year, it has the tax return ready to file, straight from the app.
untied are working with major app-based and high street banks as well as HMRC to simplify taxes for millions of people.


Contact: Kevin Sefton pr@untied.io