What happens if you miss the tax deadline?

February 1, 2022

The annual deadline for submitting your online 2020/21 self-assessment tax return and paying any tax owed is midnight on 31 January each year. However HMRC has announced that no penalties will be issued if you file your tax return online by 28 February 2022 - this is to help ease pressures on those affected by coronavirus.If you then miss the effective deadline of 28 February, you will be charged an automatic £100 penalty. Around about three quarters of a million people receive this each year.

You also need to make sure that you’ve paid your tax to HMRC by 1 April – after this point, you will be charged 5% of the tax due. (Up to then you may find yourself paying a small amount of interest – about 7.5p per day per £1,000 due.)

The longer you leave the filing and payment, the more the penalties start to rack up.

Our advice to late filers

If you ever find yourself in this situation, this is our advice to late filers:

If you’re struggling to pay your tax bill

If you’re struggling to pay your tax bill, don’t ignore it - contact HMRC as soon as you can, to see if you can set up a payment plan to spread the cost of your latest self-assessment bill. Last year 123,000 people took advantage of the ‘Time to Pay’ scheme. Be aware HMRC will normally expect your tax returns to be up to date before setting you up and the following will normally apply:-

Take control of your taxes to ensure you can file on time next year

If you missed this year’s deadline, make sure you don't make the same mistake next year. untied can help you take control of your taxes throughout the year and shows how much you owe so you’ll never have to miss a tax return deadline again.

Now watch our Tax Tea Break video on HMRC's Time to Pay scheme, which enables you to pay your tax bill in installments: