Every so often we ask a sample of untied users to let us know how we’re doing.

Simple questions as to how you’ll feel if you didn’t have untied, and whether you’ll recommend untied to a friend.

For us the benefit is not so much in the overall score (though of course we all want to be loved). Instead the main value is to identify the types of user where untied is hitting the spot today, and the others where we are working for some people but not everyone.

When we’ve made changes that help a particular user group, it helps us see what difference it has made. It could be a simple change – for instance we’ve recently reversed a couple of screens for connecting bank accounts, as well as adding other providers that people have asked for. Or something more complex, such as how we deliver insights.

If you get an email asking for feedback, please do respond – and we’ll always tell you how long it will take.

That way we can keep making untied better for you and other users.

Let us know if there is something that would help you do more with untied.

And thank you!


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