Don't click here - why people miss the tax filing deadline

January 28, 2022

untied's pulled together the top reasons why people miss the self-assessment tax filing deadline and what you can do to make sure you hit it with ease.

Not knowing the deadline or the requirement to file
Be in the know with untied’s self-employed self-assessment tax hub and read this blog post on the extended deadlines

Not knowing where to start
Take control of your filing with untied’s famous tax checklist

Lost UTR – Unique Taxpayer Reference
Check the format with untied and get help to request a reminder

No HMRC login
Use untied express submit to file without an HMRC login

Worrying about what’s due
untied tells you ahead of time, or see our ready reckoner - you can also make arrangements to pay once you've filed

Not having all the information
Use untied to file, and you’re able to submit an amendment if you get new information

If you're here because of the guinea pig, this is for you - getting distracted
Don’t click here